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Types of Braces

labial Labial Brace

This is a brace worn on the outside of your teeth. To improve the aesthetics you can have clear brackets placed on your front teeth.


lingualpicture Lingual Brace

This brace is worn on the inside of your teeth and therefore cannot be seen, however if worn in the top arch your speech will be affected slightly and your tongue will be quite sore for up to 1-2 weeks. In the lower arch the only problem is soreness of your tongue.


invisalign Invisalign

This is a removable transparent brace made of very thin plastic that only covers your teeth so it does not affect your speech (maybe only for the first 15 mins) and does not cause any soreness of your soft tissues because there are no wires. You change the brace every two weeks to slowly move your teeth into the correct position Because of the nature of this brace it cannot be used in every case.


tipedgebrace Tip edge brace

A Tip Edge Brace is useful with patients who do not want to wear headgear or a removable appliance like a Twin Block. As much less patient co-operation is required to acheive a great result.



pendulumappliance Pendulum Appliance

This is a fixed appliance that helps make space for mild crowding with out the need for wearing a head brace – or can be used to help reduce the hours that a head brace needs to be worn. Patients get use to this appliance in about 3 days



fixedfunctional Fixed Twin Block

This is a fixed version of the twin block and ensures the patient actually wears the appliance as success of the twin block is completely related to hours of wear – the more the better!!. Patients get use to this appliance in about 3 weeks.



twinblockremovable Removable Twin Bock

This appliance helps bring back teeth which are sticking out by maximising the genetic growth of the lower jaw restraining the growth of the top jaw, tipping the upper teeth back and pushing the lower teeth forwards. To work it needs to be worn 24 hours a day for 6 to 9 months

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