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Our Promise

These are the 5 main principles that patients can expect from Redhead Orthodontics.

Redhead Orthodontics is;

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Caring
  • Responsive to patients needs
  • Well led

This means in practical terms:

  • Everything in the clinic will be clean.
  • Redhead Orthodontics will keep your notes private and safe.
  • You should be involved in all stages of your treatment.
  • You should have an orthodontic treatment plan that is right for you.
  • Redhead Orthodontics will listen to anything you have to say and do something about any complaints you make.
  • You should be told what is happening to you all the time.
  • You should be asked if you want something or not.
  • The staff should treat you properly with respect.
  • Redhead Orthodontics should keep you safe and stop anyone or anything from hurting you on the clinic.
  • Your medicines will be looked after properly.
  • That Redhead Orthodontics has staff who know how to do their job properly.

Who are the CQC ?

They are the Care Quality Commission, also called the CQC for short. They regulate all Orthodontic and Dental services in whole country .

What do they do?

They check that patients get good, safe, Orthodontic treatment.

How do they check services?
The CQC checks services by visiting orthodontic practices often and checking how good the service has been for people – they will have access to your personal information and may ring you as part of their assessment of the service, from time to time.

How to get in touch with CQC

Phone: 03000 616161    Email:   Website:   

Care Quality Commission
Citygate, Gallowgate
Newcastle upon Tyne

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