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Type of treatment Cost
Consultation £120Make Appointment
Invisalign Brace from £3500Make Appointment
Fixed Straight Wire Brace £2500 – £5000Make Appointment
Lingual Brace £4000 – £9000Make Appointment
Active Removable Brace £600 – £800Make Appointment
Functional Brace £1000Make Appointment
Fixed Functional Brace £1500Make Appointment
Social 6 Smile from £2500Make Appointment
Smile in 6 Months from £2500Make Appointment
Simpli 5 Clear Aligners from £1500Make Appointment
Removable Retainer £150Make Appointment
Fixed Bonded Retainer £400Make Appointment
Repair To Bonded Retainer £150Make Appointment

These costs include retainers, repairs and looking after you for a year while you wear your retainers.

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